5th May 2017

Welcome to newsroom

By admin

We’re happy to announce the launch of newsroom, a dedicated platform targeting businesses that are tied to the local media and press.

Press companies that have an interest in BoostTorbay.com and want to know what it is all about will be able to find the following:

  • Latest press releases
  • Introduction of new features and products to our flagship site
  • Funding information
  • Details about acquisitions and products obtained by BoostTorbay.com

Previous Blog

The previous blog that was located on BoostTorbay.com has been moved to a new location and a few of those blog posts have found their way onto the newsroom website.

Guest Posts

Our previous blog contained a lot of guest posts, featured accounts and other details.  These posts will be featuring on our very own at a location to be designated by our tech team.  Don’t panic we have a full copy of all the blog posts you all wrote on the website over the years.

Introducing Directory

On the newsroom website you will notice a section called pages.  This section holds all of our facebook pages that have been created over the years.

So what’s next for newsroom?

Newsroom will now be online throughout the remaining build of the website and we will be updating you regularly with any new details that we want to share.

Until the new website is launched we encourage you to give our dedicated newsroom twitter account, @BoostTorbayNR, a follow or you can drop us an email on press@boosttorbay.com