11th March 2015

The 2 Year Update

By admin

This post was taken from our BoostTorbayHQ Blog on Tumblr.  Our Tumblr blog is no longer being used. 

The fact that even I had forgotten all about this blog would imply that I’m not the best organised of characters, more importantly I found the blog through doing a Google Search so it could of remained hidden for many more years to come.

So what’s been happening over the pas 2 years since my last update.  Well for one Boost Torbay now has a new member in the form of a 14 month old, my own son.

Boost Torbay has launched its Torbay Discount Card in Torbay and has been involved in the development of local projects.  Projects including a localised market and the research into a localised currency for Torbay, the Torbay Pound.


This year saw a lot of work being done on the hash-tag and getting more people using this in their tweets.  It was also this year my partner announced to me that she was expecting our first little one.  It was also during this year I went and worked as a full time web developer for a company in Exeter.

It also saw me help manage the Torbay Family Christmas Market – oh what an experience that was.

2013, was a bit of an odd year and it certainly flew by for us.


In 2014, we launched the Torbay Discount Card and sold over 150 discount cards and had over 130 businesses sign up to the discount card scheme in a matter of months.  This year saw a mass amount of promotion, advertising and brand awareness being raised for Boost Torbay and the discount card.

This year we also merged the Torbay Discount Card with the Torbay Family Market to bring about Boost Torbay CIC.  The CIC stands for Community Interest Company and it essentially means that the CIC is a not for profit organisation.

This year we also organised and developed the Torbay Family Christmas Market 2014.  This event went a lot better and was well organised and managed.  In fact we have some pictures of the event over on our flickr fee you should check them out if you get time.

We also began looking into the development of a localised currency, Torbay Pound and saw us expand our services/projects to include Torbay Forums, Torhoo Search, Torbay Mail, Torbay Co.


So where are we today?  Well today we have had to abandon a lot of the projects we started in 2014 due to lack of funding but also time frame.  We are currently very focused on ensuring more people are using our #BoostTorbay   in their tweets and we are also in the process of launching 2016 Torbay Discount Cards.

This year for Boost Torbay CIC there will also be a lot of other changes.. more on this over the next couple of months.

What now?

So now I’ve found this blog again, what am I going to do.  Well its only right that we keep the blog up to date.  So watch this space as we move forward…