21st July 2015

BoostTorbay passes 5,000 twitter followers

By admin

A momentous occasion has occurred, over the past few months we have been striving to reach our new milestone of 5,000 followers.  Since 2012 our goal has always and still is to help promote the local businesses of Torbay via Social Media not via an hour or through a range of events but through a simple hash-tag.

Why do this? 

We do it, because we can, when we started Boost Torbay on twitter our goal wasn’t so much to generate revenue but more to help the local businesses of Torbay and to help Torbay as a whole.  Over the past few years we have worked on numerous initiatives to help this process further with limited successful results.

However, it is our hash-tag where we have really moved forward and will continue to grow.  As already said we don’t do it for the revenue we do it for each and every follower that clicks that follow button, or chooses to share their stories with us.

We do it because we love small businesses and more importantly we do it because we know without our followers we wouldn’t be in a position today where we can really begin to think about taking the Boost Torbay Hash-tag to a whole new level.

In the past we have also ran featured accounts, with 5,000 followers you are sure to reach an audience based right here in Torbay.

So What’s next?

Well it’s taken us just over 3 years to reach 5,000 followers, and we’re not about to start shutting down our hash-tag anytime soon.  Here’s to the next 3 years and the 10k follower target.