Product News

17th June 2017

BoostTorbay holds birthday bash and announces pages & events, the UK’s destination B2B social search application held its 5th birthday bash at the Harbour Works in Torquay on Friday 16th June. The event was attended by a range of businesses and interested parties.  The birthday bash also held a presentation where announcements were made about some of the features that are currently being
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21st January 2015

Torbay Discount Card Unveils New Logos

This year, Boost Torbay will be overseeing the development and launch of a new mobile application for use with the Torbay Discount Card. Simply called the Torbay Discount Card App members currently using our discount card will be able to download our application for free from their Android device. The aim of the app is
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3rd July 2014

THHN – Torbay Discounts Charity of the Year 2014

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN) is the Torbay Discount Card’s  charity of the year for 2014.  What this means is that the Torbay Discount Card will donate 10% of all of its profits to the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network. You can find out more about
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29th November 2012

BoostTorbay introduces local search platform, Torhoo

Perhaps we should start off with introducing you to the new concept that is Torhoo.  One of the major problems, certainly that we are finding is that it is very difficult to find a list or directory of all the various types of businesses within Torbay and we know that there are a few of
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23rd September 2012

BoostTorbay introduces the Torbay Discount Card

The voting has now ended and the new Torbay Discount Card logo has been decided on. The new discount card logo will now be applied to all of the new discount cards, flyers and Window decals.  We can’t wait to show you a preview of the new discount card – stay tuned for more.