21st July 2015

BoostTorbay passes 5,000 twitter followers

A momentous occasion has occurred, over the past few months we have been striving to reach our new milestone of 5,000 followers.  Since 2012 our goal has always and still is to help promote the local businesses of Torbay via Social Media not via an hour or through a range of events but through a simple hash-tag.
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11th February 2015

A Day in the Life of Boost Torbay

So what does it mean to be Boost Torbay?  The idea behind this blog post is to give you a general idea with how a typical day for us normally starts, how it progresses and where it normally ends.  Being Boost Torbay, doesn’t mean we spend most of our lives on twitter, believe it or
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8th February 2015

Introduction to the Boost Torbay LinkedIn Group

Many of you may not know that Boost Torbay also has its very own LinkedIn Group, so I am going to tell you a little about it. First of all though, I would like to say Hello to everyone, who, like myself, has joined the Group recently. And for those who haven’t done so yet
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6th February 2015

BoostTorbay passes 4,000 Followers

This week Boost Torbay stormed past the 4,000 follower mark and the account is fast approaching the 4,100 milestone.  When I first started Boost Torbay, nearly 3 years ago I would never of envisioned it getting to this stage, I certainly didn’t expect to be at the point where we have launched a discount card
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10th January 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Your a bit a late on that one…. that’s what you were thinking right?  Well yes we are, and with good reason, this past week we have been busy organising our work load, goals for 2015,  preparing for the end of year accounts and also bringing ourselves back down from the festive period and the
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6th December 2014

BoostTorbay sets the 20,000 Twitter Challenge

As the saying goes its not the quantity its the quality of the tweets and we totally agree, however on this occasion you need to be mentioned in our 20,000th tweet in order to be in a chance to WIN one of our free Boost Torbay Mugs. Over the past 2 years, since we founded Boost Torbay
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2nd December 2014

BoostTorbay acquires & Torbay Mail

In Spring 2015, Boost Torbay will unveil its latest product and service to join the Boost Torbay brand.  Torbay.Co and Torbay Mail will provide a centralised hub where users can gain the very latest news and developments from around the bay. Torbay dot co  Meet the new kid on the block dot co could be
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30th November 2014

BoostTorbay acquires Torbay Forums

Boost Torbay, this year launched a new website called, as you can expect the website is typical forum board where you can post questions and get answers for near on any questions you may have.  Torbay Forums has been created to give people a central website where by the locals can ask questions and
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