17th June 2017

BoostTorbay holds birthday bash and announces pages & events

By admin

BoostTorbay.com, the UK’s destination B2B social search application held its 5th birthday bash at the Harbour Works in Torquay on Friday 16th June.

The event was attended by a range of businesses and interested parties.  The birthday bash also held a presentation where announcements were made about some of the features that are currently being worked on behind the scenes.

BoostTorbay.com re launch

At the event led by BoostTorbay founder Robert Haylor, it was announced that BoostTorbay.com will be relaunched on July 31st 2017.  The launch of the new website will bring with it a range of new and exciting features that will benefit businesses and hoteliers as well as event organisers and attendees.

The new website will mark the start of a 12-month development road map that will see more features being rolled out on the website once the first two initial features have been introduced.

The first two major features of the new BoostTorbay.com website includes Pages and an Events

Boost Torbay Pages

As part of the relaunch we’re introducing BoostTorbay Pages.

Like how you can have a page on a website directory that you can populate with a range of information from pictures to videos.  We want to extend the traditional directory page to include a range of features and make it easier for people to connect and understanding your business or hotel.

Features for the pages include:

  • Profile picture
  • Up to 5 additional photos
  • Reviews from your customers scoring you out of 5
  • Add videos
  • Add offers/sales
  • Your twitter feed directly on your page
  • Link to your website and social media channels
  • Integrate the page into your website

This list is an outline of the features that will be available at the point of launch of the BoostTorbay pages.  All pages will be promoted via our own social media channels including Twitter and Facebook throughout the week at a rate of 2 times per day.

We want to extend the functionality of the BoostTorbay Pages over a period.

BoostTorbay Events

Torbay is home to a wide range of exciting events, from formal business networking events to charity balls and huge music festivals over several days.  BoostTorbay wants to bring these events together onto one central platform that makes it easy for organisers to promote events and attendees to find more details.

Introducing BoostTorbay Events.

A dedicated feature on our website that allows an organiser to submit their event to our website for free. These events are then promoted via our social media channels and in turn increase the exposure of your event in the bay.

Features of BoostTorbay Events includes:

  • Define the dates as to when and where the event is on
  • Free promotion across our social media channels
  • Live coverage of the event via Periscope
  • Sell tickets directly from BoostTorbay.com
  • Manage your event via your very own admin system
  • E-mail attendees directly from BoostToray.com

This list is an outline of the features that will be available at the time of launch.  We want to extend the functionality of BoostTorbay Events far beyond this.

BoostTorbay API

BoostTorbay also hinted that an API will be available for other web developers and website owners to utilise to pass and pull information from the website and display on their own website.