Year: 2015

21st July 2015

BoostTorbay passes 5,000 twitter followers

A momentous occasion has occurred, over the past few months we have been striving to reach our new milestone of 5,000 followers.  Since 2012 our goal has always and still is to help promote the local businesses of Torbay via Social Media not via an hour or through a range of events but through a simple hash-tag.
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11th March 2015

The 2 Year Update

This post was taken from our BoostTorbayHQ Blog on Tumblr.  Our Tumblr blog is no longer being used.  The fact that even I had forgotten all about this blog would imply that I’m not the best organised of characters, more importantly I found the blog through doing a Google Search so it could of remained
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6th March 2015

Torbay Pound – Update

Since September 2014, we have been involved in carrying out market research into the idea of a localised Torbay currency called the Torbay Pound.  Unfortunately we will not be progressing or further developing the Torbay Pound project due to current market forces. We are, therefore, looking for another CIC, business or government agency to set
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11th February 2015

A Day in the Life of Boost Torbay

So what does it mean to be Boost Torbay?  The idea behind this blog post is to give you a general idea with how a typical day for us normally starts, how it progresses and where it normally ends.  Being Boost Torbay, doesn’t mean we spend most of our lives on twitter, believe it or
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8th February 2015

Introduction to the Boost Torbay LinkedIn Group

Many of you may not know that Boost Torbay also has its very own LinkedIn Group, so I am going to tell you a little about it. First of all though, I would like to say Hello to everyone, who, like myself, has joined the Group recently. And for those who haven’t done so yet
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6th February 2015

BoostTorbay passes 4,000 Followers

This week Boost Torbay stormed past the 4,000 follower mark and the account is fast approaching the 4,100 milestone.  When I first started Boost Torbay, nearly 3 years ago I would never of envisioned it getting to this stage, I certainly didn’t expect to be at the point where we have launched a discount card
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22nd January 2015

Torbay Pound moves to WordPress

There hasn’t been much in the way of an update surrounding the development of a Torbay Pound, a lot of focus has been put on the Torbay Discount Card and the developments that this is undergoing.  So this month, we quietly, behind the scenes began the process of looking a the website for the Torbay
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21st January 2015

Torbay Discount Card Unveils New Logos

This year, Boost Torbay will be overseeing the development and launch of a new mobile application for use with the Torbay Discount Card. Simply called the Torbay Discount Card App members currently using our discount card will be able to download our application for free from their Android device. The aim of the app is
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