Year: 2014

14th December 2014

Torbay Family Christmas Market 2014

Christmas in Torquay over the past couple of weeks have seen numerous events celebrating this festive period from candle light parades through to fireworks and laser shows.  This year Boost Torbay has embarked on organising the Christmas 2014 Family market outside the town hall.  Planning for the Christmas market began in Autumn 2014 we worked hard
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6th December 2014

All Set for Torbay Family Christmas Market 2014

Since August 2014, Boost Torbay has been involved in working closely with the Torbay Council to arrange a very simple Christmas Market event.  The market which will be running outside the town hall on the 11th 12th and 13th has been given the go ahead by the Council following a thorough Operations Plan & Risk
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BoostTorbay sets the 20,000 Twitter Challenge

As the saying goes its not the quantity its the quality of the tweets and we totally agree, however on this occasion you need to be mentioned in our 20,000th tweet in order to be in a chance to WIN one of our free Boost Torbay Mugs. Over the past 2 years, since we founded Boost Torbay
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2nd December 2014

BoostTorbay acquires & Torbay Mail

In Spring 2015, Boost Torbay will unveil its latest product and service to join the Boost Torbay brand.  Torbay.Co and Torbay Mail will provide a centralised hub where users can gain the very latest news and developments from around the bay. Torbay dot co  Meet the new kid on the block dot co could be
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30th November 2014

BoostTorbay acquires Torbay Forums

Boost Torbay, this year launched a new website called, as you can expect the website is typical forum board where you can post questions and get answers for near on any questions you may have.  Torbay Forums has been created to give people a central website where by the locals can ask questions and
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Boost Torbay Newsletter

In 2015 we are launching our first monthly newsletter, each month our newsleter will contain a range of content from what is going on behind the scenes here at Boost Torbay, localised events, business news and more all from around the bay area.  The monthly newsletter is a perfect opportunity for you to feature your
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28th September 2014

BoostTorbay introduces the Torbay Pound

Boost Torbay has recently begun looking further into the development and introduction of a Torbay wide localised currency, simply called the Torbay Pound. The Torbay Pound would further help Boost Torbay with its goals of keeping the trade within Torbay and help develop a localised economy which would encourage more people to buy from local
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18th September 2014

#TorbayElevator – 60 Seconds to Tell us What you do.

As part of the long list of new services currently being worked on by Boost Torbay the first one of these is pretty straight forward, as a small business that saying is you have from the ground floor to top of the skyscraper (approximately 60 seconds) to tell a potential investor about your new idea
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